Success Stories

Following let me give you a few examples of our Success Stories, which helps to illustrate the wide range of areas we work in.

When CONSULTING is actually Conflict Management[+] Expand

When CONSULTING is actually Conflict Management

Task: Defining the space, opening hours and resources for allout-patient stations of the third largest hospital in Austria.
At the final phase of construction the owner realized the need of a successful integration of all out-patient stations into the new hospital structure.Due to a new hospital conceptand more appropriate architecture the target for the reduction in space and manpower was 30%


  • Motivate the head of departments to cooperate
  • Discuss and define results with all relevant players
  • Design information campaigns etc. for employees to accept the changes

Success: We worked out a system in agreement with the doctors, the nurses as well as the representatives of the patients that met the requirements of the management. This system was successfully implemented in most of the stations within the next 12 months.

When the SOLUTION has to fit to FORMULA 1 speed[+] Expand

When the SOLUTION has to fit to FORMULA 1 speed

Task: Concept and realization: “Overnight Magazine Production at all Formula 1 Races” printing project for RED BULL.

RED BULL wanted a daily magazine printed at 3 nights at every circuit and to be handed out to visitors next morning. Extremely time critical task to be executed successfully in each of the F1 locations under the different conditions and cultures of 19 cities all over the world.


  • Development of overall concept and strategy for every location
  • Evaluation and selection of print shops at each circuit-city
  • Planning, monitoring and controlling the actual production

Success: From Bahrain to Shanghai and from Istanbul to Sao Paulo we selected 19 suitable print shops.In each case we developed the best possible printing process and monitored production and transport. The result:thousands of freshly printed magazines at the circuitready for distribution to the fans.

Turnaround of Failed IT- Implementation[+] Expand

Turnaround of Failed IT- Implementation

Task: IT implementation of ERP Software (Scala) in the Vienna HQs and all 12 Eastern European daughter companies of a German group. Turnaround after second attempt of implementation had failed.With 6 months of preparation.


  • Re-motivate the employees
  • Decide which processes have to be altered
  • Redefine responsibilities for modified processes
  • Implement by ‘train-the–trainers’ method

Success: Go alive with the program at a newly set date 4 month later with a trained staff. With all the usual problems the program has been running and used since then. By keeping the implementation date, the management had also successfully fulfilled their scores.

TRAINING Libya´s “Highflyers”on Administration and Good Governance after the war[+] Expand

TRAINING Libya´s “Highflyers”on Administration and Good Governance after the war

Task: Train selected “highflyers” i.e. people, who are likely to achieve higher jobs in the administration in the years to come. NEDB, the National Economic Development Board of Libya, decided to send the best participants, who had first received local training on Municipal Administration and Governance to Austria in two groups. The task was to provide workshops on the Austrian state-of-the-art developments in this field.


  • Development of training on Municipal Administration and Governance for a group of administrators from different backgrounds, regions and organizations.
  • Provide top level speakers and excursions for the participants to experience European state-of-the-art.
  • Work on possibilities to apply in Libya.

Success: The aim was to give the participants an additional set of possibilities and not to pretend the Austrian way is the better solution. We successfully worked with the participants on different approaches.
Due to the political difficulties this program had to be postponed a couple of times and we are proud to be one of the first organizations that were able to contribute to Libya´s need of training after the war.

The relationship with NEDB for further trainings is ongoing.

COACHING a successful manager in the aftermath of the Arab Spring[+] Expand

COACHING a successful manager in the aftermath of the Arab Spring

Task: Be the COACH of the Egyptian GM of a British insurance company in Cairo. This GM is also responsible for the whole Middle East. The GM has been very successful in managing his organization through the time of the revolution in Egypt and the economic standstill afterwards. At the same time he has enlarged the company’s turnover considerably in other Arab Countries.


  • Meet the GM regularly every few weeks and discuss open issues with him.
  • Provide an unbiased external reflection on his managerial issues.
  • Create solution focused cooperation with the GM.
  • Elaborate together a solution to the issue in question, which the GM can apply directly.

Success: I particularly like to stress this coaching.This GM is very successful in his job. He uses this coaching process explicitlyto improve his performance. Coaching has becomehis tool to improve his efficiency.
N.B.: This GM is ready to provide reference on request.