Many companies have gone ahead and started hiring coaches for their executive members, acknowledging the improvement in efficiency that can be achieved through coaching sessions. Concepts learned and tools sharpened in coaching sessions are applied in all aspects of business life and management.

Business coaching focuses on making improvements and changes so that you and your business perform at a much higher level and can grow continually. Business coaching maximizes the benefits of your time, resources and investments. Despite the myth, coaching is not only utilized when companies aren’t performing well, but has an even higher effect on thriving companies. We build on the existing success and help to propel it to an even higher level.

Business coaching introduces new skills and expands on existing ones. Besides trainingit also provides support, direction and motivation. The process of business coaching can identify areas for improvement. A common misconception is that the coach tells you what to do. Coaching means: Finding together the best solution for the customer’s issue.


Examples how coaching is used[+] Expand

For executives:

  • Solve problems more efficiently
  • Reflection
  • Strategic development
  • The Coach as unbiased counterpart

For Support and HR-development:

  • First-100-days support or new-responsibility support
  • Individual development programs
  • Staffing problems
  • Team issues and team development

For business owners:

  • Leadership Coaching : this process is to support business owners – regardless of the size of the company – in improving leadership, increasing productivity and implementing organizational change