Interim Management

Interim Management is the temporary support of managerial resources and skills. Interim management as we understand it, means taking over management responsibility for short-term to mid-term on senior level. Vacancies can be unexpected. Sometimes the person designated as successor will require additional training in order to come up to speed. Our task is to immediately search for the person who is finally taking over.

A very likely cycle of interim management:

  1. Intense phase – take over responsibility and search for future replacement
  2. Training on the job of the new manager while the responsibility remains with the interim manager
  3. Coaching & mentoring phase – handing over the responsibility
  4. Coaching the new manager

The involvement of the interim management diminishes according to the above step model. Of course, we realize every situation is different and requires tailored solutions.
Although our expertise lies in financial and general management, we also offer network-opportunities with our partners in other areas of specialization.